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This is my second blog on tumblr.
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This is just a music blog. Like music? Follow this shit.

Zeromancer- Sinners International

Drop The Lime- Shake Baby Skake (Baauer Remix)

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Hanzel Und Gretyl
Number 1 In Deutchland


Hanzel und Gretyl-Number 1 in Deutschland. Recently discovered these guys, now obsessed. If you like this then I recommend listening to their other stuff.


Hanzel und Gretyl - Fukken Uber Death Party

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A Thousand Faces


A Thousand Faces ~ Creed

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Fort Minor - Be Somebody

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Suede-Animal Nitrate

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Jack off Jill
Nazi Halo


Jack off Jill - Nazi Halo

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Ill Nino-Turns to Gray

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